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We are a full service electrical contractor providing services for most of New Mexico. We have done jobs in Las Cruces, Truth or Consequences, Lordsburg, Carlsbad, and everywhere in between. No job is too small or too far away. We have worked for Colleges, Universities, Federal, State and local Government Agencies. Along with working on big sites we work on small electrical issues for homeowners everyday. Get detailed information on our fields of expertise by exploring our website. Our electricians will provide straight forward answers to all your electical questions.


LC Electric has expertise in a variety of electrical applications
We provide electrical services for many residential, private, commercial, public facilities, and industrial clients. They choose LC Electric because they know what to expect: Up-front pricing, timelines, quality craftsmanship, cleanliness, and we respect and appreciate all of our customers.

In addition, our company offers the following services

          • Maintenance and repair of existing electrical systems
          • New Electrical Services
          • Lighting Rebates
          • Whole Home Backup Generators
          • New Receptacles
          • New Circuits
          • Outside lighting
          • Modernization of electrical installations in old structures
          • Troubleshooting
          • Electrical Inspections
          • New Circuits for Refrigerated Air Conditioning
          • Tenant Build outs




Ensuring that the wiring of your home or office is safe, is very important. LC Electric can do a whole home or office evaluation. We will let you know what actions need to be taken to make it safe for your family or employee's. You will know our price on everything that needs to be done before work begins. We will never charge you for, or tell you to do something that does not need to be done.

Is your electrical panel safe? Here is a great web link that may answer that for you.
Please call us if you're not sure!




We can build your home or commercial buildings electrical service from the ground up. We also do commercial and residential renovation, service upgrades, panel replacements; add receptacles, circuits, ceiling fans, hot tub circuits, air conditioning circuits, or anything you may need. And you will always have the price before work begins.




With the Nations power grid being so outdated and unpredictable we have all gone through power outages, usually due to ice here in New Mexico. Some people were left without power for hours last winter and who knows how long the next major power outage will last.

You don't have to be left in dark ever again. Give LC Electric a call, we can install and maintain a whole house generator for you. These generators are very quiet and automatically turn power on when the utility loses power, and power off when utility power is restored.




We are a lighting sponsor for El Paso Electric and a Trade Ally with PNM Electric. For most commercial businesses lighting will be the biggest portion of your power bill. Let us give you a free quote on how much power we can save you by changing your outdated lighting to new energy efficient lighting. And the best part, we're going to let the utilities pay for up to 90% of the whole project. Most companies will see a return on their investment within a few months! Give us a call, the Quote is FREE!

Most utilities have alot of rebates going on right now to save you money on your power bill; you need to take advantage of as many rebates as you can before the money runs out.

El Paso PNM:




Before calling out an Electrician you can check for breakers or GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) receptacles in your home that have tripped. If you’re not comfortable with resetting a breaker, call a qualified Electrician. GFI Receptacles: These are the receptacles in your home that have two buttons, reset and test, (they're recommended to be tested monthly). Most homes have a few GFI receptacles, each restroom, kitchen, garage and outside outlets should be GFI protected either by an GFI receptacle or GFI breaker. If some of your outlets are not working, make sure none of these are tripped, make yourself aware of the locations of each GFI outlet throughout your home. If the receptacle will not reset, it's time to call an Electrician. Here is a quick video on how to check GFI receptacles.

Breakers: Most breakers actually have 4 positions, reset, off, tripped, and on. You must push the handle of the breaker all the way to the reset position before you are able to turn it back on. If the breaker will not reset, call a qualified Electrician. Here is a quick video on how to check breakers.

If these devices continue to trip, please give us a call!




With the rapid growth of technology homes are beginning to have an increasing amount of expensive electronics, Flat screen T.V., Computer, Printer, Surround Sound Stereo, Wii, PlayStation, X-box, Cable box, DVD Players, Microwaves, A.C. units, etc.

One power surge can destroy all of your electronics in an instant. The only way to protect against power surges is actually two fold. Surge Suppression Strips: not to be confused with power outlet strips, provide protection against minor power surges. (This is the outlet strip that most people have their electronics plugged into now, make sure they're surge protectors not just extra outlets). These surges may not destroy your electronics immediately but can damage and destroy over time. These Surge Suppression Strips do not protect against a large power surge, for that you will need a Whole Home Surge Suppressor.

Whole Home Surge Suppressor: protect against large power surges due to lightening striking a nearby building, trees or vehicles that down power lines or anything else that may send high voltage into your home.

These Surge Suppressors are actually quite inexpensive compared to the amount of money you'd spend replacing just one of your electronic devices. Most of these Whole Home Surge Suppressors come with a hefty warranty for all electronics plugged into any of your homes outlets.

Give us a call for a free evaluation of how your electronics are currently protected and what further action is necessary to be fully protected.